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Liechtenstein Car Rental - Car Hire Price Comparison

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; The Best Kept Secret

Liechtenstein is the sixth smallest country in the entire world but this does not mean that it has nothing to offer. Actually it has got a lot to offer from museums to fun activities and a lot more than you could ever think of. The capital city of Liechtenstein is Vaduz and the country itself is situated in the middle of Austria and Switzerland.

Why should I visit Liechtenstein?

  • Summer activities-

    This small country offers many things to do: horse back riding, swimming, natural trails and also rock climbing.
  • Winter sports-

    During winter, snow is plenteous in this country since it is located on the Alps. It’s the perfect place for skiing as well as sledding in the city of Malbun.
  • Museums-

    If you’re curious about history, culture and art then you should make a point of visiting the museums. For example, you could try out the Landes museum which will give you a glimpse into the rich history of this tiny country.
  • Historic sites-

    This small country has also got several historic sites such as the Cathedral in Vaduz and the castle in Balzers.

What is the climate like in Liechtenstein?

The climate in this country is characterized by warm summers and calm winters. Standard temperatures vary from -1°C in the month of January to 21°C in the month of July. The climate is normally humid with dry wind blowing from the south.

From the month of June until the month of August, rain at times appears with heavy thunderstorms. These hurricanes normally bring about frozen rain which causes damage sometimes. During winter, the snow cover appears from December to March.

Therefore, mediumweights that contain lightweight clothing is recommended during summer. The warm clothes or simply heavyweights are worn during winter.

How can I tour around Liechtenstein?

By Public Transport

There are several modes of transportation in this country and you can use any of them to explore the wonderful Liechtenstein. You could opt to use a train for travel around this country. The capital city of this country is located on the line of Arlberg express that normally passes from Paris to Vienna. The train goes through Liechtenstein right at Schaan-Vaduz. However, the major train in this country is Switzerland’s Buchs. You should be provided with the necessary tour information as you go around the country on board this train.

You can also tour around this great country by means of buses. They are the best for people who do not own private cars. The only bus service in this country is LBA.

By Car Rental

You can also use car rental which is the best mode of transportation in this country. Car rental gives you the chance to explore the great places in this country at your own pace. There are different car rental companies in this country that offer different car rental rates. It is also possible to get cheap car hire agencies in this country. So as to get the best deals, it is advisable to first compare the different car hire rates for the major car rental agencies.

What places do I need to visit in Liechtenstein?

  • Vaduz-

    This is the capital city of Liechtenstein, and is the most visited place in the whole country. You can visit the quality restaurants as well as the nice shops in this city.
  • Ski Region Malbun-

    You can skate through 9 miles of great nature, glide down the snowy hills and have a wonderful time with your family or friends in the small and comfortable Malbun.This is the best place for a lot of winter activities.
  • Schadler Ceramics workshop

    - This is a place worth visiting since it shows the oldest arts as well as crafts. Tourists are invited to see the making of these artifacts.

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